Pneumatic Cylinders, Actuators, Valves and Electro-Mechanical Systems and Components

From general blow down air to hi-tech automated “pick & place” machinery, Zemarc has the solution for you. If you have an actuator need to be filled, we can furnish you with linear to rotary, guided with extra rods to completely "rod-less"; even "rod locking" styles. All constructed from aluminum to stainless steel for placement in any environment.

Zemarc can also cover your valve requirements. We supply solenoid operated, air piloted or a completely manual operation. Whether you need a single inline valve or a multi-stacked valve with the latest in bus design and "smart valve technology", Zemarc has a solution for you. ISO rated valves assure you a replacement can found anywhere in the world.

Zemarc offers vacuum generators, control valves, vacuum cups, tubing, fittings, and all the accessories to complete or repair your system. We can also help you maintain your system with our filter, regulator, and lubrication options and other accessories.

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